Out of the Lab

And onto the street. Science, Philosophy and the Humanities; scholars from around the world; participants from all over India; volunteers doomed to perpetually manoeuvre chairs; the Arabian Sea and the forested hills of the Western Ghats nearby.

Welcome to the Science and Narratives of Nature: East and West conference at MCPH, Manipal University’s exciting new Philosophy and Humanities Department, from Dec 12 to Dec 15 2011. Follow daily updates on this page all of next week.

The weather’s bright and sunny, the endless coastal monsoon is on its annual vacation, and some good soul has been trying to fix Manipal’s roads.

May the interactions be lively and the questions provocative and uncompromising, may secret paper-chits move across the aisles, may ravishing cheerleaders arrive from nowhere to change the academic life forever, and may the discussions about the world be somewhat like fishing meditatively and somewhat like a good old brawl-in-a-pub.


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