Something Hidden…


That thing which is happening in the Lecture Hall 1 of the MCPH building is a conference. Believe me, when I say this. The first thing that will go unnoticed when you enter the Lecture Hall is the center table which is completely covered by the white cloth. You won’t feel; I am sure about it, that you have, actually, not entered a Conference Hall. There will be only water bottles, some papers and the named signboards on the table and we don’t intend to have anything else; and obviously the speakers on their respective chair. And the space that has been created by the tablecloth is definitely not of any real significance. Nothing will happen or will be happening within or under the table covered with the white cloth while is conference is on. It may lead to a mind-body dilemma, but only if you are awake during the conference.

The white cloth in no way; symbolically represents the isolation of one space from some another space. It does not discriminate. But I warn the speakers – any leg movement may distract the attention of everyone because the table is covered with a single stretch of cloth. So don’t be restless. We have enough time filled with intervals. Believe me the conference will prove fruitful to one and all and in different ways. Keep faith.

Neither do the chairs in the conference room discriminate between the speakers and the participants. Believe me; the apparent difference between the chairs for the speakers and the participants is a mere illusion. It is a false perception. Avoid such imagination, I warn you. Believe me; the obvious won’t lead us anywhere.  And if you observe closely then you will find an important but slight imperfection in the way the speakers’ chairs are placed. It does not reveal any intentions, in any way possible. The participants may assume a smile on their face because they are not named before their chairs and they have the freedom of anonymity.  They are free to choose where they want to place themselves. Hurray!

Picture Courtesy: Tim Leatherbarrow


One response to “Something Hidden…

  1. It’s true, like rubber sheet geometry every shake of the legs at the ” white sheet table” is transmitted across every knee on the same side. And horror of horrors my shoes have marked it brown about 3 inches from the bottom edge.
    and participants seem to be free to nod off happily post-lunch, a luxury which has to be combated by speakers with caffeine inputs.
    and everyone is dog tagged…


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