Morning Tidbits

1. As philosophy students shuffle around this morning, shiny and unusually presentable, seemingly with nothing in particular to do, what do you think their bubbling corridor-conversations are about? Not being and becoming, not prakriti and purusha. They’re comparing dresses.

2. Languages in the corridor as locks are unlocked: Tulu, Malayalam, English, Tamil. Exclamations: ‘aiyyo rama’, ‘crap’ and ‘sheesh’.

3. Those of us who have worked in offices before are comparing our conference badges to the ‘dog-tags’ we used to wear. But these are different: they don’t beep when you walk around, phones aren’t ringing all around, and you have in hand an abstract full of the most interesting things imaginable. To pluck three of these out at random: the Kerala school of astronomy, upapattis (which sound as if they’d go well with chutney but are actually something like a ‘proof”) and a mysterious character used by Stephen Healy, that is halfway between a ‘C’ (or perhaps an O that has been bitten into) and an ‘E’. Take the word CEnarratives, heat up the C and the E and then press them together, allow it to cool. That’s what Prof. Healy will tell us all about.

4. One door has been swinging open all morning, like the bellows of an accordion. It’s of the room with the kits: this bag is supposed to have a map, this one is not, that one has to have an invitation that this one does not, and here’s your kit, oops, no no, that’s not yours, hang on, hang on…

5. It’s nice, I think, when things are a little unorganized. Just a little.


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