At the Old Curiosity Shop

At the old curiosity shop

“come” said the shopkeeper,

“I have here a bottle for you,

flavours to colour your work.”

Opening an ornate cupboard,

he pulled out the Greek Ones

each rich with use, like wine

the older the better the bottles.

“They go well with any dish,

colouring the social,

abstracting the cultural

peppering it into logical bytes.

If I may also show you Europe’s Greats, 

always popular, they transform your everyday

into what EVERYONE would say.

If you should choose

to puzzle your reader so,

I have the special Post-Modern with which

anyone or anything may, anywhere go.

We have discounts going on F Universals

on FoucaultFriedman, and Freud

but I recommend Marx at 50% off

and the phenomenologists are going free!

Buy some, use some

make your data shine,

write well, mean well,

put in Delueze, Kant or Quine.

Borrowing from men of words

we have the Literary Selection

these add taste to anything

you intend to cook.

If you don’t like names,

we have the Concept Collection

the gender, the social, or the sciences,

our geographical special, the post-colonial.


a do-it-yourself theory

I have here for you

fraught with danger

with a rare promise of fame.

Don’t ignore the wares of my shop

what you do is never enough

“where is the theory?” they would wonder,

for without it, an ethnographic dish

is uncooked and raw.


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