Curious and Curiouser

There is a wonderous fish in the sea they said,

with fins of golds and emerald eyes they said,

it steals across the deep blue waves they said,

when the full moon comes out to meet the night.

What fish, what fins, whence it comes? I thought,

how big, how wonderous, how emerald its eyes, I thought,

Would it eat gold to sustain its wonderous fins I thought,

or was it mere myth, sunlight playing a trick on us all?

Curious I cast my net vast and wide,

night and day I watched the waves,

every ripple, bubble, the foam, and tide,

the trap was set, that fish would have nowhere to hide.


Truth lay panting upon the sand I saw,

golden fin, silver-body, emerald eyes no doubt,

my wonder satiated I recorded my notes

and my mind’s hunger satiated, I threw

the fish back into the sea. And wrote

an essay fascinating on the gold fin

and its emerald eyes, five feet leaps

and people all over loved it, fulfilled in their mind’s eyes.

Many months later

in clinically clean glass case

I chanced upon the silver fish

is emerald eyes frozen in time

my description immortalized in

fins that would never move.


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