Engagement and Collaboration – Sundar Sarukkai

India is a very diverse country, and the experience of collaboration is very different in various institutions. Let me give you an example here. Here, in the south – and I will include up to Maharashtra in that broad category – we have a long-standing problem with Delhi. While I was in a research institute in Bangalore, and right until when I started traveling to Delhi now and then, we never knew there were collaborations happening between Indian institutions and other countries. News about those collaborations never continued across the realms of Delhi. This was particularly surprising when the French contingent told us that they were wondering why they did not get to work with anyone outside Delhi. This is a big problem! When we do collaborate, most of us do it with other Indian institutions. Our need for collaboration is vital. It is not just about learning from each other, but also about how much we understand ourselves when we collaborate with others. A collaboration is something that energizes us, and I should mention that many of these collaborations in Manipal also helps enriching the local community. In that sense, I am very hopeful for collaboration.

Sundar Sarukkai


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