Open Discussion – Sundar Sarukkai

Philosophy is not an esoteric line leading off into the sunset. It also has a social context.

Sundar Sarukkai


One response to “Open Discussion – Sundar Sarukkai

  1. What this conference made me very interesting is the way they we talking each other. For me (for many of us), Anthropology is an unknown discipline. Even though, it was interesting because, whenever they were talking about Anthropology, I tried to connect it, some times they only, with Philosophy. This my generalized comment on whole conference. However, I have an doubt, I will be happy if anybody will respond to my doubt, that why do we need theory? Because the problem of having the theory is it restricting the barriers of aesthetic sense. For example, if you are watching a movie, you cannot experience the movie due to indirect appending of unnecessary theories upon that movie. It is not because of your fault. It is because of the theory which forces you to apply it. This an empirical example.


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