Recent Publications

MCPH teachers and alumni recently published a variety of texts.

Sundar Sarukkai

“Remembering Gandhi’s simplicity in this era of obsessive needs” (DNA)

sundar dna1-

“Technology: Not exactly the blessing it is made out to be” (DNA)

sundar dna2-

“Debates and the Public” (DNA)

sundar dna 3-

“Swirls of Yearning” (Outlook)

sundar outlook--

Gayathri Prabhu

“Figurations of the Spiritual Squalid in Allen Ginsberg’s Indian Journals:
Transformation of India in Post-War Beat and American Imagination”
(Transnational Literature)

gayathri 1--

“In search of Rumer Godden’s India”
(in Rumer Godden, ed. Le-Guilcher & Lassner)


Nikhil Govind

“A blow to belief” (The Hindu)

nikhil 3--

“Where are the thinkers?” (The Hindu)

nikhil 1--

“Prose over verse” (The Hindu)

nikhil 2--

Between Love and Freedom (Routledge, January 2014)


Rajgopal Saikumar
Alumni, 2011-2013

“Rethinking punishment” (DNA)



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