In Memory of Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy

On 25th August, 2014 MCPH organised a gathering in honour of the well loved Kannada writer, Dr. U R Ananthamurthy who passed away on 22nd August, 2014. The function was held at the Gangubai Hanagal Auditorium and was attended by students and faculty, as well as guests and admirers.

Dr. Ananthamurthy, or URA, as he was popularly known, was a friend of MCPH and was also the first visiting faculty member in the department in 2011. The remembrance was both personal and formal, coming from admiration of his works as well as personal interactions with him. Dr. Sundar Sarukkai shared his memories of Dr. Anathamurthy as the catalyst and inspiration for the creation of MCPH, while Dr. Nikhil Govind spoke of his conversations with URA during his time as visiting faculty. Madhava Chippali, a PhD fellow, recounted anecdotes from his long standing relationship with Dr. Ananthamurthy as his ‘grand-student’. The last of the speakers was second year student Snehajaya who had grown up reading Ananthamurthy’s books. The late writer’s admirable personality, beliefs, influence and legacy were remembered and discussed by the speakers.

Following this, Madhava Chippali, Tapaswi HM, Sharmada Shastry and Sheetala Bhat read aloud to the audience some of his major works and their translations. Among this was an excerpt from his most celebrated novel, Samskara. The event was concluded with a screening of a video of Dr. Ananthamurthy addressing an audience at MCPH during his visit.

Report: Ishani Debroy
Photography: Marina George






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