Tagore and Ninasam: A Conversation

Trial Dhvani 2

After an intense performance by Ninasam entwining two of Tagore’s short stories – “The Babus of Naynjore” and “My Lord, The Baby” – the audience was welcome to add comments or ask questions about the same and interact with the cast, crew and performers.  K V Akshara, the director, talked about how it was decided to dramatize the narrations and the addition of songs by Tagore himself.

The team introduced themselves and told the audience of their experiences practicing, how they worked with Bengali music and tried to master the art of singing the songs with the right accent. When talking about the actors switching roles, the audience was brought to hearty laughter. “It is not uncommon in Indian theatre to have actors switch roles in a play. Like Sundar says, it is fake. Faking creatively is what theatre is about.”

When asked what the actors were holding in their hand during the play, Akshara replied “that is Tagore’s book, where the story was printed. The characters from the story should come out and read their own story.”

The stories were performed in the way they were, so as to bring back storytelling to the stage through modern Indian theatre. “Storytelling has to be a rich experience,” Akshara told the audience. “This is an attempt to create a contemporary storytelling mode.”

A dramatic performance came to an end with quiet conversation, with the audience heartily appreciating the performances and the efforts taken to bring two languages together, converting mere stories into dramatic narratives.

Report by: Pratyusha Nagavarapu



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