Theatrical Readings of Vaidehi’s Stories by Ninasam

Trial Dhvani 2

Two of Vaidehi’s short stories, Krouncha Pakshigalu and Goodinolage Ondu Hakki were performed in Kannada as theatrical readings under the same titles on the 3rd of November as a part of Dhvani.

Krouncha Pakshigalu, a story set during India’s partition, is about a woman who was abducted and taken away from her husband and, upon being ‘rescued’, was subsequently abandoned by him. This theatrical rendition was presented by Vidya Hegde, Shailaja Yesu Prakash and Susheela Hegde. A fine balance between acting and music successfully depicted the mood of the post-Independence havoc and presented the unsettled internal conflicts that victims of the Partition often experienced.

Goodinolage Ondu Hakki was performed as a monologue by Vidya Hegde whose singing transported the audience to the world of protagonist Malati, who asks her husband to lock her away in the house and strives hard to find freedom in her self-imposed confinement. The shift between the joy of solitude and the melancholic feeling of being trapped in a locked room as well as a locked up life was easily conveyed by Vidya Hegde’s soulful performance.

dhvaniReport by: Snehajaya Karanth


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