Dhvani: Conversations and Performances on Women, Writing & Freedom


Trial Dhvani 2

From November 1st – 3rd, the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities organized a Conference, “Dhvani: Conversations and Performances on Women, Writing & Freedom”. It welcomed presentations from teachers and students from the centre, external speakers, as well as a few performances.

Click on the links below to access the reports written by the MCPH students on each of the sessions. Photos of the event, taken by Sissi Hamann, can be found here.

Day 1

Babugiri: a play based on Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories

K. V. Akshara:
Discussion with the director of Babugiri

Day 2

Devaki Jain:
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay’s Inner Recesses Outer Spaces

Saraswatibai Rajwade’s life and work

Deepa Ganesh:
On A Life in Three Octaves, her biography of Gangubai Hanagal

K. Satyanarayana:
On Dalit self-writing and the politics of representation

Rohini Shukla & Tanuja Viswanath:
Desabhasa: Bahinabai’s Atmanivedana & Bahinabai Chaudhuri’s Abhangas

Sheetala Bhat:
Oormila: a one-woman play

Day 3

Simona Sawhney & Nikhil Govind:
In Conversation

Marina George:
Caught in Transition: On Yakshagana and Gender

A Monologue based on Vaidehi’s Goodinolage Ondu Hakki
and a Reading of Vaidehi’s Krouncha Pakshigalu

K. V. Akshara, T. P. Ashok, Vaidehi & Vidya Hegde:
Panel Discussion: Freedom & Imagination



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