Panel Discussion – Freedom & Imagination

Trial Dhvani 2

The panel discussion was a very apt way to end the magnificent journey that Dhvani turned out to be. On the dais were some of the most respected figures in the Kannada cultural arena. Vidya Hegde, T.P. Ashok, K.V. Akshara, Vaidehi and two actors from the Vaidehi plays that were performed just before the panel discussion. Sundar Sarukkai gave a lively introduction to the whole panel. The discussion from there onwards was carried forward by Askok.

The discussion was situated mainly upon the two plays that were performed on the last day of Dhavani- Krauncha Pakshigalu and Goodinolage ondu Hakki. The panellists got together to discuss the many aspects of the plays performed. The presence of the writer and a literary critic such as Ashok turned out to be very interesting as it gave the audience a very informed view on the stories. Also, the fact that Akshara was there, who directed the two plays in question gave the same to the play as well. It was very exciting to see how the very same story interacted with itself through these two media. In answer to Meera Baindur’s question of the experience of the body with a play, Vidya Hegde gave a magnificent reply about what it is like for an actor to represent a repressed character in a play. She said that an actor’s world view increases as she lets go of her own life and understand the life of someone whose life is so remote from one’s own.

Report by: Roshan Nair



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