Dharma in Jainism

On the 1st and 2nd of February, 2015, the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities organized a workshop on Dharma in Jainism. It welcomed presentations from eminent philosophers, as well as the MCPH faculty.

Click on the links below to access the reports written by the MCPH students on each of the sessions.

Day 1

Shree Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji:
Karma in Jainism

Nalini Joshi:
Interpretation of the Mudrārākṣasa from the Jaina Perspective

Meera Baindur:
Geography and Place in Jaina Dharma: A Discussion on Jambudvipasamgrahani

Priti Shubhachandra:
Anti-Yajna Representations in Kannada Jaina Literature

Luitgrad Soni:
Jaina Dharma of Dying and Death

Jagat Ram Bhattacharya:
Theory and Practice of Aparigraha in Jainism with Special Reference to the Jain Canons

Day 2

Jayendra Soni:
Jaina Dharma of Beings and Things

Sundar Sarukkai:
Moral Implications of Jaina Logic

Anupam Jain:
The Role of Mathematics in Jainism

Godavarisha Mishra:
Reconciling the Differences: Kundakunda and Restructuring Jaina Dharma

The Jaina Concept of Himsā and Ahimsā

Tillo Detige:
Ritual, Devotion and Liberation: the Case of the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas


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