Call for PhD fellowship on Egalitarianism

Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH), Manipal University

Call for new PhD applications

Fellowship – 3 years for new PhD candidates

Field research – 12 months and above

Applications are invited for two PhD Manipal-Sutasoma fellowships(funded by Sutasoma Trust, United Kingdom) as part of a larger European project on egalitarianism. Fellows will be full time doctoral students &will work out of MCPH. The project treats egalitarianism as a broad concept embracing issues relating to equality, equity, equalitarian societies (utopias), communitarianism, cultural and social processes underpinning wealth distribution, environmental issues, alternative societies, new technologiesand social movements or various forms of socially organized desire for ending or overcoming social, political and cultural impediments to the realization of human potential.For subjects outside these themes applicants may propose a subject/ theme related to the larger concern with egalitarianism.

The fellowship stipend is equivalent to the Manipal University doctoral fellowships. In addition to the monthly stipend, funds will be allocated towards field work expenses and travel (inside/outside India) from the European Union affiliated research on “Egalitarianism: Forms, Process and Comparisons” centered at the University of Bergen, Norway & to which MCPH is the Indian host.

Eligibility: Applicants must have a postgraduate degree, preferably in social science. Preference will be given to those having experience in ethnographic fieldwork and/or using ethnographic methods. Applications, sent by email to office.mcph@manipal.edushould include a CV &a research proposal (3000-4000 words). Subject heading of email should be ‘Sutasoma Fellowship’ & last date for receiving applications is April 07th, 2015.


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