A conversation with Aruna Chakravarti

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One response to “A conversation with Aruna Chakravarti

  1. It was really a special evening and I enjoyed being in the audience. Thanks for keeping the event open for the public!

    Must say that the live session had a different feel altogether. And it was a great experience to listen to the author and hear her read excerpts from the book. Also the final interactive session which had questions from Dr. Nikhil Govind and the audience was truly interesting.

    I recall reading a review at Amazon where the reader says he/she loved the book but was disturbed at the end for he/she could not distinguish fact from fiction! The reader badly wants to know what part of the narrative is fiction and what part is fact and is now planning for a live trip to Jorasanko! Seems like the author’s been truly successful in weaving fiction around facts and seamlessly integrating them both in her ‘docu-fiction’ as she calls it. (I haven’t read the book yet, I intend to.)

    I have one query which I couldn’t ask the author, but will appreciate if someone can answer:

    The author says that the women hardly documented and most of the times it was just a few sentences or sometimes just single lines. Can I know what “exactly” was the ‘source’ of such documentation? Where exactly were the ‘lines’ documented? Was it in their ‘personal diaries’?


    – Jayashree Prasad, Manipal/Udupi


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