National Artists Camp

IMG_6180EThe art camp was hosted at the MCPH campus and had a cluster of artists working together on some unique pieces simultaneously. Seated only a few feet from one another, they were available for questions and answers, as their technique and manner of working was open for viewing to anyone on campus. From abstract art to comic characters on the wall, the artists delved in various kinds of artwork, leaving behind a permanent mark on one of the walls in an MCPH classroom.

Each of the artists worked on about two to three pieces in the span of three days. When they were finished, each piece was displayed as the artist worked on his or her next piece. The last afternoon of the camp was spent with the artists and their completed pieces of art, as it was displayed along the walls of MCPH. The smell of fresh paint filled the campus, both the ground and first floor, leaving one to ponder of art that varied from scenic beauty to art figurines of mythological characters.

While artists worked, students in MCPH continued with their regular schedule and interacted with the artists. Where the campus is generally quiet and mostly empty, on these three days it was filled with people speculating art and artistry, having artists discuss their art with one another and work together. Each artist was allowed to explore their individual style and capabilities, revealing the very best pieces of art at the end of the three days.

Written by Pratyusha N (2014-2016 batch)



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