Broken Tiles : Documentary Screening and Call for Volunteers

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Bharat Tile Company, the last remaining imprint in Udupi of a dying local industry, will cease production and shut down on March 26. As shutters close on the factory that manufactures roof tiles, the last of its kind in Udupi, lives of the 150 employees working there hang in the balance. They will lose their jobs and the benefits that come with it – benefits such as health insurance is the only way these workers can afford medical help.

Broken Tiles – Voices from the Last Tile Factory in Udupi, a documentary by the sociology department at MCPH, provides a medium for these workers to air their trials and record their plea for help. The documentary team has enlisted the help of the local Rotary Club in order to find solutions and rehabilitate the workers.

The documentary, which will be screened on March 3 at Gangubai Hanagal Auditorium, MCPH, will be followed by a discussion between the factory owner and workers, Rotary Club members and Manipal University.

The team at MCPH is looking for volunteers to help in the process of mediating between the workers and insurance providers. If you wish to volunteer or donate to this cause, please contact:

Email: Dr Kaveri Haritas : 
Melvin Thomas:

Phone: 0820 2923561, 9742051134, 8050770323


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