Film Club: Journal release and talk on ‘The Queer Voice in Films’

MCPH Film Club

welcomes you to

The release of Vol.1 No.2 of MCPH Film Club: The Journal

and a talk by


The Queer Voice in Films

ABSTRACT: The social background of the film makers (directors, writers and producers) has a major impact on the nature and content of the movie. Like literature, arts and other forms of creative expression, the choice of ideological stance in a movie also often emerges from the social background of the film maker. We hence have an idealized or romantic view of the subalterns or condescending one, often shaped by biased view on what the subject stands for. No wonder there is considerable objection from the marginal group concerned for such cultural appropriation. This holds true for the queer community as well. The mainstream portrayal often fails to capture the experience of the film maker the way it would be by LGBT labelled movie. The talk will focus on this issue with reference to some well received queer films made by the queer film makers.

Prof. Animesh Bahadur is a faculty of Human Resource Management at T. A. Pai Management Institute. He has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Lucknow and is involved with the LGBT and Dalitbahujan movements.

Date: 24th November 2017

Time: 3.30 PM

Venue: LH3, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities


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