EasterinefeaturedEasterine Kire, born in Nagaland, North-east India, has a PhD in English literature from Pune University, India. Kire’s first book of poetry (Kelhoukevira,1982) was the first book of English poetry to be published by a Naga. In 2003, she published the first novel by a Naga writer in English, A Naga village remembered (Ura Academy).  Kire was awarded the Governor’s medal for excellence in Naga literature (2011), and in 2013 Catalan PEN, Barcelona honoured her with the Free Voice award.

Her second novel, A Terrible Matriarchy (2007) was selected by Indian Literature Abroad for translation into the UN languages. It has been translated into Norwegian and German and Marathi.  Her novel Bitter Wormwood (2013) was nominated for the prestigious Hindu Prize, and another novel, When the River Sleeps won the award in 2015. Her books, Mari, and Son of the Thundercloud have received critical acclaim. She has also written five children’s books, several articles and essays.

Kire is also a member of the band, Jazzpoesi. The digital CD released in summer 2013, topped the Norwegian Jazz charts. Kire’s poetry has been translated to Croatian, Uzbek, German, Catalan and Bengali.

She will be staying in Manipal as part of the scholar-in-residence program for the month of January, 2018. The schedule of sessions with her will be posted soon.


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