About MCPH

The Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH) began functioning in February 2010. This Centre was established not only to promote humanities and liberal arts education at Manipal University, but also to establish a world-class centre for teaching and research in philosophy and humanities.

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With the increased awareness all over the world about the importance of humanities education, MCPH is designed to provide quality education in these fields.  And as it is not possible to understand the nature of our societies or our experiences without drawing deep from both Indian and western intellectual traditions, MCPH facilitates a cosmopolitan approach to education and research. Such a holistic approach aims at enabling a better understanding of the world of humanities where questions of justice and ethics stand side by side with questions of development.

MCPH offers innovative MA programs in Philosophy, English, Sociology, where students of all streams have shared classes and subjects during their first year of the masters program, priming them for deeper engagement with their respective subjects in the second year. The final semester involves submission of a substantial thesis.
The Centre is deeply committed to encouraging critical and creative thinking across a wide variety of disciplines. One of its core aims is to foster original writing from India in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

Additionally, the students will be exposed to a high-quality research environment, as a Centre will have a full-time PhD program. Since many conferences and workshops are part of the Centre’s activities, the student will be exposed to the leading thinkers of the world as well as learn new skills. Students wishing to pursue their doctoral studies will have to get independent funding or earn scholarship from Manipal University and then get associated with this Centre.

Since issues of social engagement and cultural understandings pose challenges across the world, these courses will be of great interest to international students. Students from Asia, Africa and the Middle East will find the program to be of use in formulating new and indigenous understanding of their societies while students from Europe, US and other western countries will find the training in non-western intellectual traditions a useful supplement to their understanding of other cultures.

Students graduating from MCPH will have many opportunities such as pursuing higher education, teaching social sciences and humanities in schools, working in the publishing and media sector, entering civil services, working in the NGO sector and so on.

Apart from its postgraduate and research programs, MCPH also conducts workshops, internships, summer schools, writing courses, guest lectures, literary contests, and fieldwork.

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“MCPH is asking its students to take as seriously as possible core questions…It is demanding that they learn major works…It is inviting them to confront the problems, and promises, of…interdisciplinary work…What more could one possibly provide one’s students?”

— Prof. Sheldon Pollock
The Arvind Raghunathan Professor of Sanskrit and South Asian Studies
Columbia University, USA

I have  now made two very worthwhile trips to the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and the Humanities.  Each visit was marked by much intellectual stimulus and serious discussions with the faculty and students, among whom the morale was high, the scholarly commitment intense and genuine, and the quality uniformly excellent.

— Prof. Akeel Bilgrami
The Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy
Columbia University, USA