Origin of MCPH

On the origin of MCPH
Sundar Sarukkai

MCPH had its origins in the many summer schools and other philosophy workshops which I used to organize while I was at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. Finding a great need for quality humanities education from students and professionals alike, and at the same time taking into account the difficulties which students had in the usual undergraduate courses in humanities, I decided to move away from a research institute and establish an institution which could offer rigorous teaching as well as support quality research. Manipal University offered the required ambiance, support and enlightened leadership, and the first batch of six students was admitted in 2010 for a Masters degree in ‘Interdisciplinary Humanities’. Each year, the student strength has grown and from offering one MA course we now offer three innovative and interdisciplinary MA courses in Literature, Philosophy and Sociology, along with an active and growing PhD program. We have active collaborations with some of the best institutions in the world and at the same time have a strong outreach program with the local communities in order to share the joy of ‘doing’ humanities and the social sciences with these groups. Our new building, with a well-equipped stage space, has enhanced our engagement with arts. Most importantly, we hope that our students will not only become more critical and creative individuals but also more humane citizens of a global community.