About the Blog

Barefoot Philosophers was a blog that began at the behest of Sundar Sarukkai, the Director of the MCPH. The goal was to archive the academic goings-on in the Centre primarily through student voices. This encouraged students to reflect critically on their learnings both in the classroom and in their interactions with visitors to the MCPH. As MCPH continues to grow and evolve, this online space has also transformed from being an informal zone, with free-flowing thoughts, into a more structured space that endeavours to represent all the activities – both academic and extra-curricular – that take place within the Centre. The role of the students, however, has not diminished over the years – the transformation of the blog was done so under the guidance of the many students who have curated it since its origin. Over the past years, the blog was handled by a number of students, including Sharmada Shastry, Pratyusha Nagavarapu, Marina George.  Esther Moraes, Sissi Hamann and Ishani Debroy with Varun Bhatta aiding the entire process along the way.

Student Members

Founding Members of the Blog

2015-2016 Blog Team

2017-2018 Blog Team


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