Anubhav Sengupta

WIN_20170110_14_16_22_ProProfessional Qualifications:

PhD in Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India , 2017 (thesis titled  Dynamics Of Mobilization Among Student-Youth In Naxalbari Politics, In West Bengal”)

Research Interests:

Political Sociology (with specific focus on structure and agency), Social Theory, Anthropology of Subjectivities, Sociology of Identities

Courses Taught:

Political Sociology, Social Anthropology: Theories and Methods, Collective Social, Social Theory

Sample Publications:


  • 2013 (Co-authored) ‘Knowledge, science and society’ in Yogendra Singh (Ed.) Indian Sociology. Emerging Concepts, Structure and Change (Vol. I), New Delhi: Oxford University Press
  • “Neo-Marxist Perspectives: Introductory Overview”, e- PG Pathsala, (

Review Articles 

  • 2016, “Reading on Literature and Art Today”, [On Literature and Art, by K. Marx & F. Engels], Society and Culture in South Asia, 2(1): 155-158
  • 2015, “Deprivation and Alleviation”, [The Long Road To Social Security: Assessing The Implementation Of National Social Security Initiatives For The Working Poor In India, Edited by Jan Breman & K.P. Kannan], The Book Review, XXXIX (11):24-26
  • 2014, “In Search of Ethical and Political Mechanisms”, [Development On Trial: Shrinking Space For The Periphery, Edited by Sunanda Sen and Anjan Chakrabarti ], The Book Review, XXXVIII (5): 17-19

Contact Information:

Ph: 08202923590