Courses: Overview

MCPH offers its students a Masters degree in either Philosophy, English or Sociology. Each student will attend two core courses in their own stream as well as one course each from the other two streams. For instance,a first year Sociology student will attend two Sociology courses in both the semesters and one course each in English and Philosophy respectively. The syllabi of each of the courses are as follows:


In the third semester (second year), each student has to take three courses in their core subject. In circumstances of exceptional merit, the student may take extra courses from other streams subject to approval of faculty and scheduling.

The fourth and final semester has only two taught courses, so the Sociology student will take both the Sociology courses on offer. Each student will also write a final MA thesis of 20,000 words for 12 credits.

The student will also be given an additional grade (6 credits) for their participation in, and help with, MCPH academic and cultural events during the two years of their Masters program. These events are an important component of the holistic learning experience at MCPH.