Studies in Contemporary Culture

This course will be oriented toward contemporary cultural production, such as visual or performative cultures, or different kinds of film (arthouse, commercial, regional, world cinema etc). The idea is to engage with cinema as it emerges, and alters, frames of a broader social, ethical or political nature.  Themes raised include how the literary engages with a visual medium (without each reducing to the other), the distinctiveness of south asian visual expression, and the likely new directions of cultural production as it encounters new global and technological idioms.

Sample Texts:

Ravi Vasudevan’s Melodramatic Public,

Madhava Prasad’s Ideology of the Hindi Film,

S V Srinivas’ Politics as Performance,

Kajri Jain’s Gods in the Bazaar,

Christopher Pinney’s Photography’s Other Histories

Since the syllabi in MCPH are dynamic and regularly updated, this reading list is indicative and amenable to modifications in each session.