Doll Claims: Interactive session with artist Francoise Bosteels and Exhibition of Iconic dolls.

Centre for Women’s Studies, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities presented Doll Claims: Interactive session with artist Francoise Bosteels and Exhibtion of Iconic dolls on 18th March,2017. Artist Francoise Bosteels is an Iconic -Doll Maker. She calls her dolls “Iconic”because she considers every human person in her/his unadorned humanity as one who images the divine. Francoise Bosteels was in 1942 in Belgium . She trained as a nurse. She came to India in 1974 and worked in health education programs and in leprosy prevention and care in South Tamil Nadu villages. The village life, the people’s closeness to nature and the beauty and simplicity of their lives were her first inspiration in the creation of the dolls. These dolls designate sacred representations and spaces.  Francoise has created three books “The Dolls Speak”, ” Through the needle’s Eye” and “Human Icons-Sacred Stories”- all illustrated with photographs of her dolls. Set in the right background, these dolls narrate stories of people, their professions, their struggles and their beliefs.