The English program at MCPH is distinctive for its emphasis on developing nuanced and mature literary sensibilities by employing the most contemporary scholarship. Moving away from the dated colonial study of periodisation in literature that scans literary texts and canonical writers in a linear manner through the centuries, the MCPH program offers innovative and challenging courses on Indian Literature, Modern International Literature, as well as emerging areas such as Film Studies and Gender Studies. Students are trained towards rigorous in-depth textual analysis and encouraged to develop sophisticated writing and research skills.

The program prides itself on re-imagining scholastic and creative engagement with literatures — premodern, modernist, contemporary, and in translation — in a wide spectrum that inspires students to discover and refine their particular interests.

I Year Courses

Semester 1

Reading – Writing

Time and Narrative

Introduction to Film Studies

Semester 2 (any two of the following)

Research Methods: Literary Criticism

Genre Studies

Special Topics: Authors/Themes

Reading the Popular

II Year Courses

Semester 3 (any three of the following)

Pre-Modern Literary Traditions

Gender & Sexuality 

Medical Humanities 

Post War Anglophone Fiction

The Novel

Text and Tradition

World Literatures in English

Political & Spiritual Rhetoric 

Literatures of Migration

Semester 4 (any two of the following)

Creative Writing

Studies in Contemporary Culture 

Special Topics: Themes/Literary Periods