Apaar Kumar

Apaar EdProfessional Qualification 
PhD in Philosophy, 2009, Emory University

Research Interests
Kant, Ethical and Political Philosophy, 19th and 20th Century German Philosophy

Courses Taught Regularly
Introductory courses in philosophy, logic, and ethics; and upper level courses in the history of modern philosophy, and 19th and 20th century continental thought.
At MCPH, I have taught courses in ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, social ontology, and the metaphysics of the self.

Sample Publications
Apaar Kumar, “Kant’s Definition of Sensation,” Kant Studies Online 2014: 262-311, Posted October 3, 2014.
Apaar Kumar, Review of Avery Goldman, Kant and the subject of critique: On the regulative role of the psychological idea, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol 52(1), January 2014.
Apaar Kumar, Review of Dennis Schulting and Jacco Verburgt (eds.) Kant’s idealism: New interpretations on a controversial doctrine, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol 51 (3), July 2013.
Apaar Kumar, Review of Arthur Melnick, Kant’s theory of the self, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol 48 (4), October 2010.

Professional Memberships
American Philosophical Association (APA), North American Kant Society (NAKS)

Contact Information
Email: apaarkumar.mcph@gmail.com
Office phone: (0820) 2923582

For more information, see: https://manipal.academia.edu/ApaarKumar