Manipal Reading Circle’ with Easterine Kire

Poetry Reading by Perumal Murugan

Sociology Conference

MCPH Theatre Club presents – Sonata

Desabhasa event at MCPH

Diwali Celebration at Mcph – 2017

A lecture and Interactive Session on The Arsonist: Re-Imagining Kabir along with the release of the second edition of CHAICOPY by Kiran Nagarkar

Launch of ‘MCPH Film Club: The Journal’

A Lecture and Interactive Session on Shiva’s Blue Throat by Kiran Nagarkar

Mushaira – A Literature club event

An article on MCPH published in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper

An article published in Deccan Chronicle on CHAICOPY – An MCPH Journal

Depression: Let’s talk – An Evening of Art- Exhibition and Storytelling

Inauguration of Student Support Centre and Concert for Awareness

Talk and Interactive Session with Dr.Udayon Misra on The North -East and Federalism.

Unlimited Girls (2002) – A Fearless Tale of Feminism – Paromita Vohra

National Conference on Women and Expressions of Identity through Art, Language and Writing

Doll Claims: Interactive session with artist Francoise Bosteels and Exhibition of Iconic dolls.

Mythology: Questioning the nature of truth by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik .

Sports Day at MCPH

Fundraiser Sale held for Hombelaku( The Residential Psychiatry Department of Manipal) by MCPH

Ornaments in New Dramatic Art – Lecture by Dr Andrew Ollett

Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and Natya lecture demonstration by Dr. Padmaja Suresh

Special lecture by Dr. Daniele Cuneo over interpreting Abhinavgupta’s Aesthetic Theory.

Workshop on the Rasa Theory

Performance of Nala Damayanti

Public Talk on Hindu Pluralism Religion and Public Space at the Dawn of Modernity by Dr. Elaine. M Fisher

Public Talk on Somananda Arguments Against the Vedantins

International Workshop on Tantric Studies

Launch of Chaicopy- An MCPH Literary Journal

Talk and Interactive session with Dr. Prashant Keshavmurthy

MCPH Life: 2015-2016

Literature & the Making of a Vernacular Nation

Injustice and Self in Dalit Writing 

Inaugural: Religious Studies Centre

Inaugural: Centre for Women’s Studies

Lawn Mushaira Aug ’16

MCPH Life, 2014-2015

Rethinking Svaraj, 2015

MCPH Life, 2012-2014

Dhvani: Conversations & Performances on Women, Writing, and Freedom, 2014

Sexuality, Gender & the Quest for Justice, 2014

Social Justice in an Internet-mediated World, 2014

First National Undergraduate Research Conference, 2014

Science and Religion, 2013

Mathematics and Culture, Ninasam 2013

Engaged Anthropology, 2012