George Varghese

Professional Qualification
2004-2011 – PhD in Social Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia
2000-2002 – MPhil in Social Anthropology from the Centre for Development Studies, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway
1986-1988 – MPhil in English Language and Literature from   the Centre for Linguistics and English, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Research Interests
Anthropology of gold in India (with special emphasis on Kerala); Anthropology of artisans; Anthropology of Syrian Christians of Kerala; Philosophy of Social Science; Philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari;

Courses Regularly Taught
Collective and Social; Truth and Knowledge; Art, Aesthetics and Technology; Political Economy and Economic Anthropology (Marx, Hegel and Mauss).

Sample Publications
Varghese, George K. (2006). Swarna Keralam: Jathi Prathisandhiyum Agolavatkaranavum (in Malayalam). DC Books, Kottayam (This book is an anthropological work on gold in Kerala, India)

Articles in Academic Journals
Varghese, George K. (2003). “Globalization Traumas and New Social Imaginary: Visvakarma Community of Kerala”. Economic and Political Weekly, XXXVIII (45) pp. 4794-4802.
Varghese, George K. (2003). “Skewed Trajectories: Gold and Globalization in Kerala”, Labour and Development, 9 (1), pp. 11-43.
Varghese, George K.2004. “Writing Family Histories: Identity Construction among Syrian   Christians”. Economic and Political Weekly, XXXIX (9),pp.897-900
Varghese, George K. (2009). “Levi-Strauss and the Legacy of Structural Anthropology”, Journal of Polity and Society, 2 (2), pp. 20-40.
Varghese, George K. (2010). “Marxist Historiography as a Travesty of Science”,The Letters, 1 (1), pp. 26-47.
Varghese, George K.(2010). “On Science of History and History of Science: Marxist Historiography and its Misperceptions”, Journal of Polity and Society, 3 (1), pp.54-74.
Varghese, George K. (2011). “Alain Badiou: The Philosopher of Substractive Ontology”. (e-journal), Vol.9.
Varghese, George K.(2011). “Rethinking Social Sciences and Humanities in the Contemporary World”.  Economic and Political Weekly, XLVI (31), pp.91-98.
Varghese, George K.(2011,July 16). “Gold’s Own Land: Nuances in Kerala’s Golden Legacy”.  International Business Times, New York (online)
Varghese, George K.(2011,July 21).” Rediscovering Kerala’s Forgotten Golden Legacy”. Economic Times, New Delhi
Varghese, George K. (2011) “Rethinking Occident and the Knowledge Question”, Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations, 4 (1&2) pp.35-50.
Varghese, George K.(2013) “ Statistically Motivated” (Book Review). Economic and Political Weekly, XLVIII (11), pp.36-38.
Varghese, George K (December, 2013) Reviewed the manuscript titled “How Rulers were Ruled” for Orient Blackswan

Chapters in Books
Varghese, George K. 1999. “Between Two Symbolic Registers: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Constitution of Images in the Art of Early Christian Churches in Kerala”,Chapter II , Essays on the Cultural Formation of  Kerala  , Vol IV , Part II. Thiruvananthapuram :  Kerala State Gazetteers Department , pp 321-347.

Professional Memberships
Convener of III International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference, 2015
Associate Member of CICAR (Centre for Indian Christian Archaeological Research), Changanacherry , Kerala, India.
Member of SAET (Society for Applied European Thought), Cardiff, UK from 2000-2003.
Member of SASA (South Asian Scholars Association), The Monash University, Australia (2005-2008) .
Appointed as the chief examiner of the cultural anthropology course of M.A history in The Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, in April 2012.
Appointed as the chief examiner of the cultural anthropology course of M.A history in The Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, in April 2013.
Expert reviewer (social sciences) of Orient Blackswan, India.
Appointed as member of the Kasturba Medical College Ethics Committee (KMCEC), Manipal University,   in 2013.
Elected as the convenor of the “International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference” of 2015 which is to be held in Manipal University, India.
Selected as the expert reviewer of anthropology by Deleuze Studies (Edinburgh University Press) in January 2014

Contact Information