III Year Courses

Semester 5

Electives: Any SIX of the following courses will be offered in any given semester of study. These will consist of two courses each from the three Majors offered – English/Philosophy/Sociology – and students can choose any THREE of the courses offered. A student has to take 4 courses in the same discipline in the final year of study to get a Major in English or Philosophy or Sociology. (Applies to Semesters 5 and 6)

Literary Genres and Methods

Literature and Sexuality

Reading Film

Narrative Motifs

Philosophy of Logical Atomism

Language and Reality in Indian Traditions

History of Western Philosophy: Modern Philosophy

Society and Development

Social Conflicts and Social Movements

Media, Society and Representations

Semester 6

The Individual and Society


World Literatures

Workshop in Creative Writing

Translation Studies

Philosophy and Linguistics

Philosophy as Critique

Traditions of Indian Philosophy

History and Philosophy of Science

Cities and Citizenship

Law and Society

Politics, Discourse and Power

Sociological Theories (NEW)

Thesis (10 credits)

Academic Portfolio (5 credits)