Language (optional)

Student enrolled in the BA program can opt to study either German or French. These courses are offered at the Department of European Studies, Manipal University. Students can opt to study a foreign language of their choice – French or German – in the first two years (four semesters) of the program. After two semesters of a language course, the student would have received A1 and A2 level proficiency. After four semesters, the student would have received B1 level proficiency. Certificates for these levels will be issued to the students. A student who takes a language course for all four semesters will get 4 extra credits each semester on their transcript. A total of 16 credits can be earned from the language courses.

Language Courses are optional at MCPH. However, students are encouraged to study
languages to enhance their education and employment opportunities. Please note that language classes are typically held in the evenings and student have to go to the Department of European Studies to attend the classes.