Meera Baindur

Professional QualificationMeera
PhD (2011) Environmental Humanities, National Institute Of Advanced Studies and Manipal University

MA Psychology, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu

Research Interests
Her research interests include environmental philosophy and environmental humanities: conceptualisation of nature in Indian thought, ecological and environmental ethics. Her recent work centres on religions and ecological practice, rituals and cultural geography.
Philosophy: Indian philosophy both traditional and modern philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Hinduism, mythology and narratives. Reason and senses, and aesthetics in Indian thought, Anthropology of religion, religions in practice, rituals, existentialism and ontology, feminist Studies.
Environmental philosophy and environmental humanities: conceptualisation of nature in Indian thought, ecological and environmental ethics, cultural geography, place studies.
Environmental sociology and ecology: conservation, urban environmental issues, environmental justice, ecofeminism, indigenous and alternative perspectives on environment, environmentally displaced people and refugees the modern world.
Interdisciplinary areas: Indian history and literary traditions and Indian psychology, Health, body and culture, gender, medical humanities and ethics, livelihoods and social justice, sustainability and leadership.

Courses taught
Reason and Senses; Individual self; Body, health and culture (from a philosophical perspective); Environmental Humanities; Nature and Technology; Contemporary Indian Culture; Indian Intellectual Traditions

Sample publications
Nature In Indian Philosophy and Culture, Springer, Forthcoming

“A Place in Space: The Practical Implications of Marking Emptiness” selected to contribute Chapter in Commercial Space Exploration: Ethics, Policy and Governance, to be published by Ashgate, forthcoming

“Nature, Body and Woman: An Indian perspective on value dualisms” Science and Narratives of Nature, Sundar Sarukkai, Gordon McOuat, Jobin Kanjirakkat ( eds.), New Delhi: Routledge India, forthcoming.

“Bangalore Lake Story: reflections on the spirit of a place,” Journal of Cultural Geography vol.31 #1, (June 2014), DOI:10.1080/08873631.2013.873296

“Living in Virtual Lands: Some Reflections on Virtual Geography,” Sarai Reader 9: Projections, edited by Rags Media Collective and Shveta Sarda, (April, 2013):117–124

With Durgalakshmi V, “Bhakti in Upanishads: A Detailed Perspective on Svetasvatara Upanishad” Reconsideration Classical Indian Thoughts, published by Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS), July (2011): 43 – 56.

With Dr. Sundar Sarukkai, “The Possibility of Conservation: Some Philosophical Questions,” Indian Journal of Ecocriticism 3, (Aug., 2010): 9–21. Also published as Naturschutz – Philosophische Fragen,” (The Possibility of Conservation: Some Philosophical Questions) in the book “Über Lebenskunst. Utopien nach der Krise” (German), Berlin, Suhrkamp Verlag, 74-94, 2011.

“Humanising the Earth: Reversing the ‘Reverence to Resource’ in the Indian Context,” Man In India, Special Issue: Globalism, Transnational, Gender and Ecological Engagements, Guest Editor: Purushottama Bilimoria, with assistance of Amy Rayner, 90, no.1-2 (2010):567 – 587.

“Earthed-experiences of Nature: Place and Nature in Indian Vedic and Purānic thought,” Environmental Philosophy, 6, no. 2. (Fall 2009):43–58.

“When It Rains on The Sand Dunes”: e-social sciences, February 2007 (

Contact Information
(0820) 2923589