The philosophy program at MCPH provides a grounding in philosophical concepts under the ambit of a variety of courses in which we teach the key concepts of both Western and non-Western philosophy, in particular from Indian traditions of thought. The aim is not only to encourage students to question their taken-for-granted assumptions by employing the tools of philosophical analysis, but also to lay a strong foundation for further research and study in philosophy and related fields The courses include topics in the philosophy of mind and the senses, the metaphysics of the self, philosophy of science, philosophy of body and health, aesthetics, philosophy of language, ethics, environmental humanities, feminism and the philosophy of the social. Our teaching includes both synoptic overviews of thinking on particular concepts in philosophy as well as close readings of primary philosophical texts. The classes are always interactive. Students produce well-researched term papers in which they defend, critique, and/or develop philosophical claims in conversation with the literature available on the topic.

Not all these Courses will be offered to every batch, and topics taught each semester depend on the discretion of the Instructors and other academic factors.

Year I Courses

Semester 1 (any two of four courses)

Formal Logic

Metaphysics and Epistemology

Nature of Reality in Indian Philosophy

Textual Traditions in Indian Philosophy

Semester 2 (any two of five courses)

Analytical Philosophy


Text and Context in Indian Philosophy

Truth and Knowledge in Indian Philosophy

Major Thinkers

Year II Courses

Semester 3 (any three of seven courses)

Hermeneutics and Phenomenology

Nature and Environmental Humanities

Research Methodology

Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science

Philosophy of Language and Semantics

Formal Reasoning

Philosophy of Science

Ethical Theory (Advanced Topic)

Special Topic 1

Semester 4 (two of any six courses)

Philosophical Foundations of Body and Health

Gender and Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind

Advanced topic: Logic

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Political Philosophy

Special topic 2

Courses taught in the past:

Ethics & Social Justice

Philosophy and Natural Science

Embodiment and the Social

Body, Gender and Health

Art, Aesthetics, and Technology

Thinking, Imagination

Reason and the Senses

Language and Reality

Individual – Self