Individual-Self (Semester 2)

This course builds on Indian intellectual thought and philosophical tradition by focusing on the individual self as a concept. The two main traditions of Advaita and Buddhism will be studied along with other related philosophical schools. The idea of self and no-self, individual, person and identity within these traditions will also be understood through a socio-religious perspective. Ideas of caste, gender, religion and the autobiographical self are some of the topics that are explored.


Since the syllabi in MCPH are dynamic and regularly updated, this reading list is indicative and amenable to modifications in each session.

Jonardon Ganeri, The Concealed Art of the Soul; Theories of the Self and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology

Max O Halllman, Traversing Philosophical Boundaries (Ch. 1 Self, Mind and Body).

Achille Mbembe, “The Banality of Power and the Aesthetics of Vulgarity in the Postcolony”

Martin Sökefeld, “Reconsidering Identity”

Romila Thapar, Kunal Chakrabarti and Geeti Sen, “Interpretations of Indian History”

Romila Thapar, “Imagined Religious Communities? Ancient History and the Modern Search for a Hindu Identity”

Mark Siderits, Evan Thompson and Dan Zahavi (eds.), Self, No Self?