Political Sociology

The objective of this course is to understand the relationship between politics and society. Towards this end,

  • Through an excursion into classical sociological theories, we shall see how the relationship between society and individual anchored the thoughts on politics of three figures, namely Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber.
  • With the dynamics between society and individual as our point of departure the course aims at foregrounding three central concepts: power, state/state-apparatuses, and citizen/subject. During the course, we shall return to these concepts through a series of investigations into contemporary political philosophies, sociological theories, and recent development in political anthropology.
  • We shall see that the foundational process, that binds society and politics, is the dialectics between structure (coercion/constraint/control) and subjectivity (agency).
  • Finally, the course intends to take up few concepts and re-conceptualization, those have emerged out of Indian context. The attempt would be to plot these concepts in the context of concepts and political sociological principles, explored throughout the course.