Doing sociology at the MCPH is inherently interdisciplinary and plural in perspectives. The first year interdisciplinary courses that include social theory, philosophy and literature give students a strong epistemological and methodological foundation. The sociology courses taught during the first year combine classical social and political theory and social anthropology drawing from both western and Indian traditions of thought  During the second year specialisation in sociology, core courses such as gender and inequality, caste and religion, social movements, research methods and political and economic sociology are provided in addition to courses on special topics such as urban sociology, methods, theory and anthropology of law, etc. In designing our syllabus and deciding what goes into our reading lists, we have drawn from much of the debates in teaching sociology, paying special attention to the pedagogical and political implications inherent in teaching sociology in India, in the post-colony. Thus through the different courses offered in sociology, an attempt is made to draw liberally from both within and outside Indian traditions, to ensure plural conceptual tools and political contexts of analysis. Given that MCPH is located in Manipal which is surrounded by culturally rich areas such as the temple town of Udupi and village towns, we highly encourage our students to undertake ethnographic field work as part of their dissertation.

Of the courses listed bellow, not all will be offered to every batch, and topics taught each semester depend on the discretion of the Instructors and other academic factors.

I Year Courses 

Semester 1 (any two of three courses)


Politics of Identity

Kinship and Society

Semester 2 (ant two of the listed courses)

Sociology of Religion

Sociology of India

Social Anthropology

Sociology of Knowledge


II Year Courses

Semester 3 (any three of the listed courses)

Social Theory

Sociology of Economy and Development

Urban Sociology

Social Stratification

Gender & Inequality

Visual Anthropology

Introduction to Medical Anthropology

Advanced Course 1

Semester 4 (any two of the listed courses)

Research Methods

Sociology of Media

Anthropology of Law

Political Sociology

Social Movements

Science, Technology and Society

Advanced Course 2


Courses taught in the past: 

Caste & Sociology of Religion 


Rethinking Social Theory