Collective-Social (Semester 1)

The objective is to explore interrelated issues that resurface in a course named Collective social. Is there even something called collective social? Is it similar to political collective like political parties, political movements etc.? Is it in a sense parallel and comparable to economic organizations like corporates, chamber of commerce? Are we then talking about social organization, social institution here? Then why is it not social collective where organizations and institutions can be studied in straight forward fashion under the heading? Such ambiguity surrounding the course title is the point departure for this course. This course will begin with an assumption: social and collective are two separate concepts; at the same time these are dialectically related too, one determining the other.  The chief objectives of this course is to revisit this assumption through out the course. Towards this end,

  • An excursion will be made into history to understand whether social was always there or it came about in particular juncture. To understand whether or not social is also historical.
  • An exploration will be made into classical sociological thought. It is to understand whether or not society as a collective synonymous with social, or social is derived from society. The attempt is to understand the intricate relationship between society as collective and social.
  • To understand what happens to social, when society evolves/develops/changes or is restructured/recomposed.
  • To go beyond dialectical relationship between society and social and explore society and social from the margin and vantage point of political economy.
  • Finally, the course intends to situate the discussion in the context of India.