Special lecture by Dr. Daniele Cuneo over interpreting Abhinavgupta’s Aesthetic Theory.

rasa-talk-1-copyrasa-talkk-1-copyOn 13th February, 2017 a special lecture was held by the Centre for Religious Studies. The lecture was Dr.Daniele Cuneo over interpreting Abhinavgupta’s Aesthetic Theory.

Dr.Daniele Cuneo is a current lecturer of Sanskrit and Ancient Culture of SouthAsia at Leiden University.His main area of expertise are Sanskrit Philosophy of language and aesthetic thought, but his research branches out into epistemological and metaphysical disputes among Brahmins, Buddhists and Jains as well as their possible bearing on contemporary philosophical questions.

What is art? What is it for? Why do we always want more? These are aesthetic questions posed from a contemporary perspective. The purpose of this lecture was to offer a philosophical over-interpretation of the views expressed by coining Sanskrit compounds that Abhinava might have used, had he been asked targeted questions. An investigation into the viability of Abhinavgupta’s theory for contemporary art and theatre will be chosen off the talk with a Gadamerian urge to always keep the dialogue situation open.