Student Club Activities

Over the years, MCPH students have established different Clubs to represent their vibrant and varied interests. The Film Club regularly screens award-winning and critically acclaimed films from all over the world. The Literary Club organizes creative writing readings, workshops and contests. The Sports Club meets regularly for frisbee and football matches, and organizes other sports events. In the past, MCPH students have successful staged plays, held musical and dance performances, and actively participated in the cultural life of Manipal University. Finally, handful of energetic students maintain this very website, which we aptly call the Student Blog.

MCPH Literary Club

The MCPH Literary Club has always had an open membership — all students from all streams belong to the lit club! — but it functions through the enthusiasm and vision of a Core Committee. In the past, the MCPH Lit Club has been responsible for regularly hosting the Lawn Mushaira, Creative Writing Workshops, Staging Plays, Novel Writing Month, Desabhasa Readings (literature in languages other than English) and is open to the possibility of any literary events that you can think of.

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MCPH Film Club

MCPH Film Club was set up with a view to open up the community of Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH) to different modes, forms, and genres of films from diverse regions, traditions and filmic practices.  It aims to encourage informed viewing practices through organizing weekly screenings, discussions around the screenings, invited screenings, lectures, seminars, and workshops.

MCPH Film Club journal is an extension of the activities of MCPH Film Club.  The quarterly journal aims to bring together academics, critics, and practitioners of cinema with the aim of promoting better understanding of the theory and the praxis of cinema.

Access MCPH Film Club: The Journal here.

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MCPH Sports Club

MCPH Sports club stands for the core principles of MCPH where bodily practices are considered as an important part of learning and education. The club emphasizes the importance of team work and fair play. Most of the students play Ultimate Frisbee, which has become an integral part of MCPH community. The club notifies the students and faculty about the various sports events conducted by the university and encourages them to actively take part in the events. The club supports students to practice their sports of interest and to develop their skill and stamina. MCPH students have taken part in MUTD sports events and have won some of the events. MCPH students are also part of the MUTD teams, which takes part in the Manipal University Inter collegiate tournaments. We also organize football, basketball, cricket and volleyball games on random days.

Student Blog

The current website (, which is usually addressed as “MCPH Blog”, has been a vital, unique and integral feature of the department since the very beginning. The blog began with the intention to archive the academic goings-on in the Centre primarily through student voices. As MCPH continues to grow and evolve, this online space has also transformed from being an informal zone into a more structured space that endeavours to represent all the activities – both academic and extra-curricular – that take place within the Centre. It has been a great source of information for a national and international community of scholars and students engaged in innovation in higher education in India. The blog is run by an Editorial Board consisting of a faculty member, and selected students.

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MCPH Theatre Club

Formed in 2016, the MCPH Theatre club is committed to producing original plays from India and abroad. It usually comes up with a new production every semester. It is committed to providing students the opportunity to learn acting, theatre production, direction and writing by the means of workshops. Workshops are either taken by experienced theatre students from the college itself or by theatre professionals.

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