2014 – 2016

Nitesh Anchan
Nitesh is grateful to his Hindi professor for introducing him to philosophy and ever since his fascination for the subject has kept growing. He is a commerce graduate and lives in Padubidri, which is 30 kms from Manipal. A sports enthusiast, he represented his college volleyball and football team for all 3 years. His interests are varied- nature, agriculture, politics, culture, history, sports, etc. Nitesh also likes sketching and listening to songs. MCPH is one place where he always wanted to be and now he is learning something new every day. (Thanks to his friends, seniors and teachers). Nitesh enjoys playing Frisbee with his friends and in the future he aspires to join Indian Civil Service.

Melissa Azavedo
Melissa Azavedo was born and brought up in Kuwait. She graduated from the University of Mumbai in the year 2014 with a Bachelor of Mass Media. Living in India has opened her mind to the realities of life whether culturally, socially, economically, politically or religiously. Her different life experiences in the Gulf and India inspired her to try understanding how a society frames an individual’s style of thinking. Her interest also lies in subjects relating to the ideologies and principles of medical ethics. She has interned in the editorial department at Kuwait Times and has also contributed to “Compassionate Care Medical Camp” organized by the Indian Women’s Association Kuwait in July 2010. In her spare time she loves singing, playing her guitar, painting, travelling, baking and most of all loves spending time staring at the lake and stars.

Nandini Rao
A girl whose life has been a constant battle with foot-in-mouth disease, the sound of laughter frequently bounces on her eardrums. Nandini likes to leave notes in strange places for strangers to find, leaving behind little pieces of her mind. She can write backwards and upside down without much effort. After an on-again-off-again relationship with advertising, she will tell you how everything that comes in a branded package is probably made of evil and garbage while polishing off a pack of delicious chips.

Karthik Harinath
After spending countless nights looking up random philosophical terms that he came across in his job as a journalist, Karthik Harinath finally chose to take the plunge into formal academia. Here, in MCPH, Karthik spends his time grasping as much as he can between numerous cups of ‘cha.’ Always on the look out for a discussion, he also has weird dreams of facilitating conversations between Kant, Nietzsche and Michael Schumacher.

Sissi O.Hamann Turkowsky
After studying Art History and Sociology and working for over eight years teaching visual arts and developing educational and cultural projects, Sissi realized that the most interesting images live beyond the museum and discovered that her true research interests lay in the realm of visual imagery and imaginaries. She wants to study people, the objects they create, the visual characteristics of these objects, the relationships people establish with them, and how they build an understanding of themselves around them. She believes that living and studying in India—a postcolonial country such as Peru, her homeland—will allow her to engage in comparative research on place identity, religious imagery and devotional experience while incorporating traditional, contemporary, Western and non-Western perspectives. Lastly, because her research concerns the visual, she intends to develop creative ways of visually conveying sound research.

Roshan Nair
Roshan is someone who could sit all day with his book in his room doing absolutely nothing else. Manipal has given him many readings already that he has loved dearly. Also, he loves the climate here and he does not think he wants to leave. He looks forward to two great years ofreading and rain.

Parikshith Shashikumar
Parikshith is the mild mannered alter ego of Pari a mild mannered guy. He likes movies, T.V shows and very recently has been introduced to print media and the fascinating phenomena called books.(Thank you MCPH) . Parikshith would like you to aid him in his beliefs of himself being both a pop culture philosopher and Batman (owing to a wonderfully raspy voice).

Kimaya Khashnobish
Kimaya is pretty optimistic for someone who has a penchant for all things sad. Although from Bangalore, in an ideal world she’d be living in a quiet corner of a tiny hill station, where she could read all the books she ever wanted to. But, for now, Manipal serves as a fair substitute.

Matteo S. Culotti Sprinckmöller
Matteo’s primary research interests include the phenomenology of the sacred, the construction of histories of philosophy and the reading of mythology as philosophy. Following his tendency to travel across the globe in pursuit of his interests—which led him to Australia for a BA in Philosophy and History, and to the United states for an MA in Eastern Classics—he quit his job as head of humanities at an international school in his native Peru and has now landed in one of those rare places where he can continue studying Indian philosophy and Sanskrit without giving up Western philosophy. He dreams of creating a “Peruvian MCPH” where humanities can be researched and taught in ways that transcend geographic, chronological and disciplinary boundaries. Until then, he focuses on his studies and longs for peace amidst epic worlds of nāgas, gandharvas, and bodhisattvas—now hidden behind thick veils ofordinariness.

K. Sriram
Sri Ram studied Psychology, Journalism and English Literature at the undergrad level in Hyderabad. He was convinced that Literature and Philosophy are the only worthwhile pursuits for study. His love for literature led him to opt for majoring in English at MCPH. Hopelessly stuck between Carpe diem and hitting the snooze button, Ram is a decent chap with simple tastes and pleasures who mostly spends his time reading, watching cinema or enjoying music. He prefers his coffee dark and days quiet, tries his hand at writing and likes to walk off the tedium that sets in.

Sree Prasad
Sree Prasad was born and raised in Madras. He also spent five years in the curious temple city of Madurai. He then did his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication Studies in Manipal. He is currently doing his MA in Sociology at MCPH. He likes beaches, hilltops and monsoons and is very prone to daydreaming.

Pratyusha Nagavarapu
Pratyusha has a keen eye for detail, loves reading genre ranging from Dystopian to non-fiction depending on her mood. Writing under the pen-name Dawn, she frequently dabbles on wattpad, although her writing career began from writing amateur fan fiction at the age of fourteen. Recently she won the first edition of Femina Fast Fiction and found herself wondering… what if she could do more? She spent four years on engineering, a year on self evaluation and volunteer work, and another year on the IT industry. Now, she spends her time working through assignments and readings at MCPH. Two years hence, she has no hard and fast plans, and plans to keep it that way.

Kartikeya Jain
Kartikeya is extremely reluctant (and wary) to speak about himself in the third person as he believes that will open up a veritable black hole of self involvement/narcissism swallowing up (maybe not) everything in its vicinity. Also the idea of encapsulating some shade of his (admittedly, dour) person within a few lines is perverse and he feels he is being singled out for unnecessary, arbitrary and unfair evaluation. He semi-regularly fantasizes about being a fly-on-the-wall, chronicling the foibles of humanity while exonerating himself from the (loathsome) eagle’s eye, dispensing scrupulous judgment on all and sundry. Coincidentally, he has managed to cultivate an objective distance from his self, a critical lens through which he routinely pulverizes his self-esteem, pre-empting the gaze of an Other. He has decided to study philosophy so he can continue to live with his parents because he loves them so much.

Ishani Debroy
Ishani has one foot in idealism and the other in achieving realities; she is both determined and self doubting, reclusive and opinionated, both Bengali and Bangalorean. She comes to Manipal in search of seafood, books and quietness.

Nadine Almeida
Nadine is from the land of the sun, sea and sand, yes you got it right she is from the beautiful state of Goa. She completed her bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Sociology. She always wanted to be a teacher and she is trying to work hard towards it. After coming to Manipal, she finds herself to be surprisingly quiet and all to herself than what she was back in Goa maybe because she has to be more independent and responsible now. She always wanted to do and learn something different from the rest of her classmates back at school and at the UG level but she never got a chance but she feels that MCPH is the right place to do that by pursuing her master’s degree in English. After coming to MCPH she feels that she is learning a lot more about her country then what she had learnt back in Goa which she feels is really disappointing. She likes travelling and listening to music whenever she has nothing to do and yes she loves to cook too.

Laxmi Priya
Laxmi Priya is a 21 year old hyperactive human-hamster hybrid. She is a boon to event management, taking great pleasure in carrying out tasks with an energy that is only egged on by the college coffee machine. In the midst of laid back readers and thinkers, she has many people questioning her sanity as she dances, acts, and has passionate debates on a variety of topics. She is the intellectual glucose of the class, injecting energy into most proceedings (sometimes against the will of the patient, according to rumors). If you’re looking for her around lunch, she already knows the staffofDollops on a first name basis.

Arjun Rajan
Arjun did his under graduation in Computer Applications. He lost interest in the subject even before he started working in the relevant field. He decided to teach middle school English and Math at a municipality school in Pune for two years. It was followed by a one year teaching stint at a private school in Bangalore. He realized that to be an effective teacher he needed to have a deep understanding of the issues that plagued his students who came from underprivileged backgrounds. This led him to take up sociology at Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities.

G. Narayanan
With a keen passion for music, Narayanan joined MCPH with the plan of understanding and appreciating it in a profound manner. The field of the humanities is alien territory for him, but fortunately, it has been treating him fairly well so far, despite having read so very little. He enjoys the variety of intellectual challenges that the course poses, and hopes to be a significantly smarter person at the end of two years he will spend at MCPH.

Meghna Amin
Meghna Amin believes that life is a series of stories, the need to want to make and share as many interesting ones as possible. Having already tried her hands at restaurantering, travelling, para sailing and humanities all she hope is that this streak of adventure and fun continues. To be able to live as and how she want is the dream. People, books, food and music fascinate her and she keeps them close.

Sheetala Bhat
Sheetala gets confused when someone asks her to talk about herself. She graduated from NMKRV College in literature, gender studies and journalism. Since her childhood theatre is her passion. Other than that her interests revolve around films, music, dance and literature. She has recently discovered that she sometimes likes to cook. In MCPH, she is trying hard to find some time to read Kannada literature and write in Kannada which she loves to do.

Rohit George
Rohit usually takes a lot of time to get used to people and also is very picky about people. As a person, his interests starts and ends with sports, and sports is truly the only thing he loves. Currently he is pursuing his first year M.A in Philosophy at MCPH, while still looking for his true calling. His hobbies include listening to music, sleeping and eating.

Lucy Forrest
Lucy grew up in Australia where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She worked as a nurse for some time before deciding to go travelling. She was first attracted to India to practice yoga. Despite travelling further abroad she kept getting drawn back to India for yoga and Indian philosophy. She informally studied yoga and Indian philosophy throughout India for eighteen months complemented by lots of reading and writing until deciding to do graduate studies in philosophy in India. This led her to MCPH and she has not looked back.

Venugopal Kolli
Venugopal has done Bachelor of Technology at Vignan University (Andhra Pradesh), with Electronics and Communication Engineering as Major, and Management Studies as Minor. He previously worked as Editor for his college magazine – Voice of Vignan. He is currently pursuing MA English.