2015 – 2017


Akanksha Nambiar

 Akanksha believes in unpacking the dreams which she had always seen; graduated in Philosophy from Mumbai University, she has landed at MCPH with plans to explore more of Western Philosophy. She finds MCPH to be an environment that is calm and peaceful. Travelling and bringing change to the field of education is something which keeps her going every day. Passionate about her dreams, she hopes for exciting conversation, food, and places which leave her dumbstruck and hopes that everyday will be an                                                              adventure.


Akhil Veetil

Akhil studied psychology at Ambedkar University Delhi but is fascinated by how literature, psychology and philosophy can overlap. He has trouble writing about himself without sounding too narcissistic. He loves travelling, watching movies, reading and supporting Manchester United. He also cracks lame jokes. His surname is a joke in itself. *Facepalm*

AmalaAmala Poli
If you have ever heard her introduce herself, you would know that it isn’t one of her strengths. Her laugh is as distinctive as her mane and she loves to show off both! Amala was so uncomfortable with the idea of thinking of herself as a ‘person’ (and wary of doing so in a few lines) that she got a friend to do this for her. You will occasionally find people wondering what could be amusing her or where the never-exhausted energy for all the jumping, dancing, and running around seems to be stemming from. Amala will often be spotted in her natural habitat of the library or in intense conversation with yet someone else she has managed to befriend. She is an occasionally disillusioned people person that only pretends to be otherwise and does it badly. She tends to miss large looming objects (like elephants), and to walk into walls when she is “in her own head” as she puts it, so don’t be surprised if you see that happening!

Amay1Amay Korjan
Amay and his coffee cup are two inseparable items. He holds nothing closer or feels nothing more sacred than his constant and committed relationship to the cup and it’s contents. Amay is as willing to discuss hentai as he is to engage in a conversation about unicorns. This is not because he doesn’t care or isn’t really listening but because he’s always playing bass like a boss at all times on his imaginary stringed instrument. Amay is a boy of easy smiles and easy ways.

DavidDavid Martin
By some accounts, a rather obnoxious prelate, by others, an infantile dodo. Apart from huge quantities of sugar (involuntarily swallowed) and massive amounts of fat (rather voluntarily imbibed), he likes to pretend to be a musician. With due apologies to the various composers rolling in their graves, he’d like to eventually plague literature in a similar fashion. And so he plagues the MCPH literature                                                                             department.


Delilah Pacheco
An enthusiastic and passionate photographer, Delilah feels like she is one of those unfortunate Jack…or in this case, Jill of all trades. Talented at caricature art, painting, and playing the electric guitar, she thinks that almost everything holds a potential promise for exploration. Having completed her UG at Parvatibai Chowgule College, Goa with a degree in English Literature, Delilah joined MCPH for the promise of a wider and richer exposure in the arts and was part of the 2015-2016 Blog Team. Sometimes she finds that she is one of those quiet sorts that thinks a lot… quite a lot. Delilah plans on honing her comprehension of world literature in her time at Manipal, and sees a promising future in travel and teaching abroad.


Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes was born in Manipal and brought up in Abu Dhabi. He graduated from St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts. His interests are in history, environment and funny people.
Joshua has an avid passion for seeing new places, running around in fast furious circles and really old buildings. In his spare time he loves singing, playing chess, dancing, cycling, farming and most of all loves the cooking of his grandmother. New age organic farming is his jam and he knows the best toddy spots in town.


Kinnari Acharya
Kinnari is an avid reader of almost everything fantasy. She likes nothing better than curling up by her balcony window sipping rejuvenating green tea and listening to the pattering rain. She sees nothing wrong in starting off her day with a wide smile and the perfect outfit to go with it. Passionate about painting, her ultimate wish is to see the world become a little more brighter.

Madhavi 1.2.

During the little time Madhavi spends, not fantasising about things made of chocolate and sugar, she spends making them. Her ideal world is filled with less adult humans and more puppies and baby humans, with whom she can have deep and meaningful conversations. She also has an obsessive compulsive need to organise the universe around her and keep things in their place. She is currently doing her MA in sociology.


Manjushree Cera

 Manjushree can be spotted most often running around campus. Not because she has anywhere to be, but her natural pace is just really fast. She could probably win first place at a speed eating contest. She fancies herself a knight (which she considers a gender-less trope in this context) and if you ever need someone to say “No!” for you, you know who you can come to.

If you’re planning a game of frisbee or badminton or football you can always count her in, the only sport she will not entertain is cricket.


Melvin Thomas
Melvin’s mood is dynamic and in a constant state of flux. He got that from sociology, but wait, he’s suddenly inspired by Gertrude Stein. There. Filmmaker. Before sociologist? Filmmaker. Maker of films. Fiction. Documentaries that are fiction. Everything is fiction. Sociologist. Poverty, gender recognition, politics, equality, frisbee. Keeps flying. Into and over. Filmmaker. Sociologist. Human, may be? Thinker. Therefore I am. Something. All of them. Melvin-aha.


Sreedevi Nair
Sreedevi is doing her MA in English at MCPH. She enjoys reading any book she can get her hands on and is thankful to her school library for introducing her to reading. She completed her BA with triple majors in English, Business Management and Accountancy. Her varied interests include Indian Literature, Mythology and its interpretations in literature, metaphysical poetry etc. Sreedevi loves dance, binge watching tv shows, cricket, unexpected rains during summer, movies, chai and banana chips. She hopes for an eventful and inspiring two years at MCPH.

Surakshitha 2

Surakshita Devadiga
Surakshitha is a girl who always likes to keep herself busy. She lives in Brahmavar, which is around 20 km away from Manipal. She studied History, Economics and English Literature at the undergrad level in Udupi. She is a girl who always yearns to reach great heights in the future. She strongly believes in the policy of ‘take suggestion and make decision’. She thanks MCPH for making her learn something new every day.


Ryan Anthony
Ryan is fascinated by all things theoretical and deals little with the real world. He has an interest in the fine arts as a whole and has an affinity for all things heavy. Reading as much as he can, his mind is some loose meeting ground for a Westernised Buddha, symbolism, archetypes and one Kurt Vonnegut. Ryan was also part of the 2015-2016 Blog Team.

Urmila 2

Urmila G
During her undergraduate years in Kottayam, Urmila spend most of her time reading modernist fiction, which inspired her to take up creative writing for PG. Here in MCPH she has found her place, stuck somewhere between literature, sociology and metaphysics. Having said that, her true romance is, was, and always will be Victorian gothic fictions. She considers Manipal to be a small bubble and finds the weather delightful.


Yadu PT

Having had no plans to join an interdisciplinary course, let alone an intense one, joining MCPH for Yadu hit the perfect sweet spot between ‘the most frightening experience’ and ‘the most wonderful experience’. He always wished to explore philosophy, and is grateful for getting such exposure in it from a post graduate English course. He plans to stick on with academics and Manipal, since he adores the feel of the former and the food of the latter.



Diti Pujara 

Diti is interested in reading, travelling and exploring new realms and spaces. She came to Bangalore to experience a different region and culture. While she writes only for pleasure, she does hope that someday she will be able to publish her poetry and write columns on cultural encounters in travel magazines. Since experiencing a new culture is most accessible through literature, reading became Diti’s  window to the world. In pursuing her dream of writing and moving around, reading and tea, become her companions along with everybody around who automatically become a little family. Diti enjoys cooking, craftwork, being entertained by anyone humourous (owing to the lack of humour in the self) and conversations.


Ajinkya Deshmukh

Ajinkya is a nomad of ideas.


Shruthi Bhatt

Shruthi is ardent lover of Indian Philosophy and music.


Aadya Jha 

Aadya is a student of Literature.


Parikshith Shashikumar

Parikshith is a student of Sociology at MCPH.

Nandita 1.jpg

Nandita Krishna

Nandita is a student of Philosophy. She is a gifted singer, dancer and performer.



Manya Venkatesh 

Manya is a Literature student.

Manasa Gopakumar

Manasa is a student of Philosophy.