PhD Students

Aivinor Sonnie Ams

Whichever the field: turf or lecture hall, Aivinor approaches them all with equal passion. Raised on the lush green hills of the Nilgiris, he relishes the coastal breeze of Manipal, the little hill on the Canara coast. Embodying his concerns about the environment; one can often hear him rant about ‘city life’ and other noisy deliberations. His interests span philosophy, poetry, mythology, sports and the arts. He currently works in the field of environmental education attempting to unravel the scope of the Arts as a non-linguistic form that addresses aesthetic consciousness and imagination. Aivinor has earlier worked in the ITES sector of Bangalore City in various domains such as call centres, B.P.O and subtitling.

Asim Siddiqui (now graduated)

Asim is doing his doctoral research in Philosophy of Education. In his fieldwork, he observed the role of body, experience and practice in the learning of performing arts. Now in the thesis, he is attempting to emphasize the search for authenticity and truth in the experience of learning as an alternative to normative principles, for bringing ethics in education.

Manoj N. Y.

Manoj N. Y. is a Sutasoma research scholar from the southern part of Kerala. He is trained in British and American literature (Bachelor’s and Master’s) from the University of Kerala and then he pursued another Masters in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Manipal University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Kerala. He was active in campus politics and held the position of University Union Councillor during the academic year 2004-2005. Combining both political and academic interests, he is now pursuing an anthropological study on alcohol and its consumption in Kerala within the broader context of anthropological and philosophical theory of objects.

Sonia Ghalian

Sonia was born and brought up in the big bold city of New Delhi, though people often think she hails from South India. Such a state of affairs is perhaps due to the comfort and homeliness she has encountered along the Konkan coast in the last five years in the courses of her higher studies. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in English from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University and a Master’s degree in Communication from Manipal University, she has come back to Manipal to spend her days in the pursuit of a PhD with a focus on Children’s films, taking courses in allied fields like film studies and musing about all these things in private along with her black Persian kitty- Kaali. Her voracious interest in visual media stems from having worked for two years at the industry in Mumbai. Her current PhD research arises from her lifelong interest in human drama and the manner in which the media mediates such drama in the life around us. Kaali and Sonia take turns to do yoga and gardening, in their small cozy apartment and sip chai while gazing at the glorious sunsets of Manipal.

Srajana Kaikini

Srajana Kaikini is a writer, curator and researcher with a Master’s degree in Arts and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the R. V. College of Architecture, at Vishveshwaraiya Technological University in Bangalore. She was part of de Appel Art Centre’s Curatorial Programme 2012/13 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She was the recipient of the 2013 FICA Research Fellowship and was curator of the 2014 Arts programme at the MOD Institute in Bangalore, which focused on artistic engagements with the city and its spaces. Her independent curatorial work has had a research-oriented, process-based focus. Her doctoral research will philosophically engage with the study of contemporary art-curatorial practices. Srajana is a trained classical dancer of Odissi and her passion for writing extends to poetry, prose, cinema and travel.

Tapaswi H. M.

Tapaswi H. M. is from a village famous for its theatrical activities called Heggodu. Heggodu has a theatre community called Ninasam which is located in Shivamogga District, Karnataka. He is, so to say, born and brought up in Ninasam which influenced him a lot in his academic interests as well as cultural interests. His academic career is like different colours on a palette. Currently, he is a research fellow in Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal. Before that he studied Master of Arts in Philosophy at MCPH and Master of Arts in English Literature at Kuvempu University study centre in Chikkamagaluru. He is also working as the web administrator for Ninasam. He is now working around the Indian theory of Aesthetics with reference to contemporary drama theatre in Karnataka. His areas of interest are theatre, performance, aesthetics, poetics, art and literature especially Kannada Literature. Tapaswi is doing his research under the guidance of Dr. Meera Baindur. The title of the thesis is “Understanding Aesthetic Experience: Towards an Analysis of Contemporary Performances in Kannada Drama Theatre through Rasa Theory.”

Kalpita Paul

Kalpita was born and brought up in a small town beside Ganga, in West Bengal.  During her graduation she took interest in different environment protection related activities. With enthusiasm she initiated a voluntary organisation and organised different environmental awareness programs. After her graduation she has also passionately spent two years working with an NGDO. During this period, she has extensively worked in various interior villages of West Bengal. But her deep enquiry on the nature-human relationship and the impact of human thinking on shaping the outer reality led her to explore the philosophy of J. Krishnamurti. Attending the Eco-village Design Education course at Wongsanit Ashram in Thailand really helped her in this enquiry. To live the philosophy of Krishnamurti, She joined a newly started school under Krishnamurti Foundation of India, situated in rural Tamil Nadu. Along with working at this school she completed her Masters in Environment and Development from Jadavpur University. Her interest in Environmental philosophy and pursuing research to explore how humans conceptualize ‘crisis’ in nature brought her to MCPH. As part of her PhD, she is trying to understand how local communities perceive changes in the environment through the help of phenomenological research methodology. For the same she is doing her field work in various islands of the Sunderbans.

Jobin M. Kanjirakkat (now graduated)

Jobin Mathew has a background in English and Linguistics and is interested in the questions of the nature of knowledge in science, its methodology and its history. He is working on the topic ‘Linguistics as Science: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives’. When he is not thinking about such matters, he reads Malayalam and English literature, runs, cycles and swims.

Madhava Chippali (now graduated)

Madhava spent most of his life in a small village in Karnataka called Chippali. He did his bachelor’s at Lal Bahadur College in the small town of Sagara. It was during his bachelor’s degree that he developed an interest in translation. By the time he completed his Masters in English from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore he had already created a name for himself, accredited with translations of Tolstoy’s stories as well as Ziauddin Sardar’s ‘Desperately Seeking Paradise’ into Kannada. Translating hundreds of pages of both fiction and non-fiction between English and Kannada, Madhava encountered many questions about the nature of translation and language. His research at Manipal is an attempt to understand those questions and find possible answers to some of them.