Under-Graduate Courses

BA (Humanities) is a carefully curated program that inculcates varied critical and creative skills across three years (six semesters). Keeping the larger goals of interdisciplinarity in mind, the first two years of the program offer a wide range of Foundation Courses for a strong grounding in fundamental concepts and recent scholarship. Foundation Courses are offered from the following disciplines – Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Religious Studies, Film Studies and Gender Studies. Following are the courses offered over the 3 years:

I Year Courses

II Year Courses

III Year Courses

Electives in the final year of the program give students the option of a Major in English, Philosophy or Sociology. The program culminates with a research project and the writing of a thesis with faculty guide.

German and French language courses are offered in collaboration with the Department of European Studies for A1, A2 and B1 level proficiency as well as extra credits. Language courses are optional.

MCPH will periodically offer short-term certificate courses by visiting scholars and artists to encourage students to explore allied fields such as art history, creative writing, theatre, film appreciation etc. In addition to this, the Centre hosts several workshops, conferences, and guest lectures by renowned scholars through the year.