Unlimited Girls (2002) – A Fearless Tale of Feminism – Paromita Vohra

On 19th March, 2017 a screening and discussion on the documentary ‘Unlimited girls’ was held at MCPH, which was held by Paromita Vohra, the creator of this documentary.Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker, write and curator  whose work focuses on urban life, popular culture, gender, politics and art. Her films have been widely screened in festivals, galleries and popular screening spaces besides being included the university syllabi worldwide. Her films as director include documentaries such as Partners in crime (2011), Morality TV and the loving Jehad : A thrilling tale (2007), Q2P (2006) and many more.

About the film: ‘Unlimited Girls’ is an exploration of engagement with feminism in contemporary urban India. Mixing non-fiction and fiction this documentary follows Fearless explorations and conversations : Wondering why women must always lead double lives, being feminist but not saying they are. Fearless returns the feminist chat room peopled by talkative feminist ladies who become her friend, to probe and argue and ask constantly what she sees and feels.